Wing of Camberwell | About Hyde New Homes

Hyde New Homes is part of the award-winning Hyde Group, one of England’s leading developers of homes for all needs and incomes.

Founded in 1967, The Hyde Group is an award-winning provider of genuinely affordable housing - making a significant contribution to meeting the country’s housing needs and improving people’s quality of life. We provide homes and services to over 95,000 customers across London and the South East.

Last year we provided more than 1,100 new homes for people who desperately needed them. We have plans to develop a further 7,500 homes over the next five years and  are investigating ways which will allow us to build further homes. As a social business, we reinvest our profits to build more homes.

The Hyde Group has significant skills and experience. All Hyde housing is built to current sustainability standards using latest heating and insulation technology which reduces fuel bills and cuts emissions.  Our work in reducing emissions and trialling new technology has been recognised by the prestigious silver SHIFT award.

Our approach to both new build and large scale regeneration is innovative, flexible and commercially driven. But don’t just take our word for it. Several of our large scale regeneration schemes, such as those in Bermondsey, Packington (Islington) and Stonebridge in Brent have been held up as exemplars of how regeneration should be done and transformed formerly troubled estates into thriving communities.

The homes we create are generously-sized, striking a balance of stylish, yet functional design that appeals to a wide range of home buyers. Our finish is always of the highest design standard with quality fittings and long-lasting materials. Innovative, award-winning design, outstanding sustainability features and desirable locations are our focus and make Hyde's new homes attractive to buyers and investors alike.

Previous developments

One Hove Park

The Parker Building at Bermondsey Spa

Spring at New Stonebridge Park